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CerboTech is one of India’s leading Research and Development organizations and has been researching in the field of futuristic Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technology since last 5 years.

Till now we have invested more than 7500 hours in developing Cognitive Skills enhancement programs using the Brain Computer Interface Technology.

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About Us

We carry the expertise in recording and analyzing your child’s brain waves using futuristic Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology. Using these Brain waves we generate acquired report on Cognitive parameters and provide "fun to do" learning programs to improve the cognitive parameters.

Using this technology we present "Smart Kids Series" a series of Cognitive Skills Development programs for K12 category (8 to 18 years) of children.

CerboTech has researched and developed the "Smart Kids Series" by blending the modern neurocognitive technologies and the ancient brain capacity enhancement methodologies. We apply simplistic learning methods to ensure improvement in cognitive skills like –

  • Concentration and Focus
  • Memory
  • Intelligence
  • Attention
  • Reaction time

There will also be noticeable improvement in other cognitive skills along with reduced stress, anxiety and improved behavioral pattern.


Our "Smart Kids Series" uses fun filled and scientifically proven methods like playing brain games, listening to brain entrainment beats, logical reasoning activities, riddles and many other skill development activities to enhance the overall performance of your child.

BCI Technology

Record and analyze brain waves using futuristic BCI Technology

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Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics on Individual's cognitive functionalities

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Brain Training Games

Online Games to boost brain's cognitive functionality

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Brain Entrainment Beats

Online Music to boost intelligence, memory, and unlocks hidden potential.

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Eye Gym

Our online Visual Intelligence Training Module

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Mental Marathon

Combination of various brain teasing exercises specifically designed as per age and cognitive skills

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Few words from students of CerboTech Brain Stimulation Workshop (BSW)

Online Cognitive Skills Enhancement Modules

Our online cognitive skills enhancement modules are designed to bring a positive change in your child's academic performance and behavioral traits.

Along with the specific cognitive skills, all our modules also work upon –


  • Logical Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Out of Box thinking
  • Creativity


  • Stress
  • Anxiety

CerboTech Focus

1,199 30 Days Duration

  • Enhances Concentration and Focus
  • 100 plus online brain games for Concentration
  • Brain Entrainment Beats for Concentration
  • Riddles & Puzzles to enhance Focus
  • Brain Teasers for enhancing Focus
  • Activities for improving Visual Memory
  • Daily Performance Evaluation Report
  • Eye Gym – Eye exercise for Speed reading

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CerboTech Memory

1,199 30 Days Duration

  • Enhances Short Term and Long Term Memory
  • 100 plus online Memory brain games
  • Brain Entrainment Beats for Memory
  • Riddles & Puzzles to enhance Memory
  • Brain Teasers for Memory
  • Activities for Visual Memory
  • Daily Performance Evaluation Report
  • Eye Gym – Eye exercise for Speed reading

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CerboTech Intelligence

1,199 30 Days Duration

  • Enhances 5 out of 8 human intelligences
  • Intelligences related online brain games
  • Intelligences related Brain Entrainment Beats
  • Riddles & Puzzles
  • Brain Teasers
  • Activities for Visual Memory
  • Daily Performance Evaluation Report
  • Eye Gym – Eye exercise for Speed reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We use MI and Cognitive skills while performing the important daily activities. We use these functionalities while studying, playing and working. The performance of an individual greatly depends upon these functionalities. If the MI or Cognitive abilities are excellent the performance will be excellent.

    The five human senses are our receptors and the information received using these receptors are processed by brain using Cognitive Skills and MI.

    The MI or cognitive Skills are a cumulative representation of

    Working Memory & Long Term Memory
    Processing Speed
    Auditory & Visual Processing.

    These all aspects form the building blocks of a healthy and intelligent mind capable of performing the required tasks efficiently.

  • A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a computer-based system which acquires brain signals, analyzesand translates them and denotes the state of mind. This technology can be used to improve human performance for a healthy user and can provide a new communication channel for patients with motor disabilities.

    We utilize this technology to capture real time brain waves on a computer and analyze the human cognitive state, like attention, concentration, memory, reaction time etc. which are extremely important during studying, in sports, during social behavior, executing professional tasks and many more other brain related activities.

    We analyze these cognitive states and recommend remedies like brain stimulating games, bi- neural beats and many more simple methods to enhance human performance.

    Note: - More information - https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0020422

  • Electroencephalogram, or EEG, records the brain's electrical activity through the electrode sensors that make contact with your skin. This electrical activity is then translated into patterns, called brain waves

    Yes. EEG tests can be done to check brain activity and diagnose problems in the brain or in the nervous system.

    Note: - You can get more information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography

  • EEG measures voltage fluctuations within the neurons of the brain. Clinically, EEG refers to the recording of the brain's spontaneous electrical activity over a period of time by connecting Headband around the scalp.

    Recently, EEG-based technology has become more popular in "serious" games designs and developments.

    We would like to bring to your notice an article published in the renowned National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBM) – National Library of Medicine (NLM) to highlight more information about this technology.

    This article gives a scientific perspective of the EEG test and gives explanation to the questions "does it work" or "how well does it work"

    Note: - You can get more information on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4264468/

  • The Brain Neuro Transmitter Test (BNT) is done to measure the cognitive parameters of the brain. Under this test we use the BCI technology (Brain Computer Interface) to capture the five brainwaves and convert them into a live report or acquired condition of the Cognitive parameters.

    By measuring these parameters we are able to gauge the state of mind of an individual and basis that we recommend our cognitive skill improvement modules.

  • As a first step we measure the learner's state of Cognitive parameters by recording his/her brain waves by connecting the Neurosky Headband to the frontal lobe (front part of the head) and by using the futuristic Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technology.

    Later during the Brain Stimulating Workshop we make the learner perform simple activities like –

    Workshop Activities under supervision of Experts to improve the Cognitive parameters.
    Listening to Isochrones tones / brain entrainment beats (Meditational music) for Brain Entrainment is a form of Sound Therapy to induce body and mind into a specific state.
    Brain Stimulating physical activities by group and individual tasks for developing out of box thinking.
    Our Experts conduct complimentary activities on memory technics, Maths Magic, to improve academic performance.
    Logical improvement games like 3X3 Rubik Cube and other brain teasing games are also conducted by the Experts
    In addition to the above daily activities home activities comprises of online brain games, Online Brain Entrainment music, Eye Gym and Brain Teasing Mental Marathon are part of the program.

    These all programs cumulatively help improve the MI and Cognitive Skills.

    On completion of the Workshop, the measurement of the learner's state of Cognitive parameters is again measured and a comparative report between the two reports is delivered.

  • A new international research states that brain games influences cognitive abilities such as perception, attention, and reaction time. We have designed the online Brain games to improve user's Cognitive skills ensuring a positive impact on performance in academics and extracurricular activities.

    While generally games are associated with negative outcomes like obesity, aggressiveness etc. there are evidences which indicate that there could be beneficial effect on the brain.

    To site an example while playing the game such as Call of Duty an individual is able to see more visual details, distinguish between shades of gray or rotate an image mentally.

    So if right games are chosen, this will only lead to improvement in functioning of the brain.

    Note: - You can get more information on https://www.nature.com/articles/494425a and on https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2276592/

  • We have designed and developed our brain training programs to ensure –

    Enhanced Concentration and Focus
    Increased Positivity and Self Confidence
    Sharper Memory
    Less stressful and relaxed mind
    Creative brain with wider imagination
    Super Reflexes
    Improved Reaction Time

    Our courses ensure sharper and more responsive brain.

  • For years, brain-sensing technology has been safely used in medical and research institutions to better understand the human brain.

    The Neurosky Brain Band is a non-invasive device and is certified and safe to use. This band simply measures your brain activity and mental states, with no current or electromagnetic waves being sent into your brain.

    The Brain band we use is a patented product of USA space agency NASA and hence has been internationally certified.

  • The results differ from person to person. The intensity and consistency matters, it is important that all the prescribed activities are completed as per the scheduled time and periodicity during the course.

    If the set rules for the course are followed, considerable improvements can be observed by the end of the course.

  • Yes, this is medically proven and acknowledged by National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBM) and there are research papers available explaining this concept in more details in National Library of Medicine (NLM).

    Research for analyzing the cognitive functionalities is being conducted since more than 15 years now. The researchers have succeeded in developing devices which capture brain waves from the frontal lobe using electrodes. These brain waves are decoded and the cognitive functionalities of an individual measured.

  • We follow a streamlined process to gauge the improvement in the MI and cognitive skills under which –

    Before the start of the program we use BNT test and record the brain waves analyzed to measure the cognitive parameters. Using this a pre-program report on Cognitive skills is generated.
    On completion of the course the BNT test is again done to generate the final report on cognitive skills and compared with initial report to measure the improvement.

    For our online courses we generate daily reports based on the performance during the cognitive skills development activities in the online course.

    Some examples of parameters which will be displayed in the report will be –

    Performance Improvement while playing the brain stimulating games
    Activity of listening to brain entrainment beats specifically designed to improve cognitive parameters
    Performance in Mental Marathon activities to improve out of box thinking
    Performances in Logical reasoning activities, puzzles

    The personalized report will show display the performance in cognitive parameters on doing the above activities.

  • Research has shown that mental stimulation leads to an increase in memory over time and those who have received mental training have experienced improvements in daily activities involving the cognitive abilities.

    While further researching about how long the improvement lasts, it is found that effects of training has lasted after multiple years post the training to prove the theory that the mental training has a lasting effect.

    Note: - More details in https://www.verywellmind.com/cognitive-training-long-term-improvement-2795014

  • BNT test is done and a real time acquired report on the cognitive parameters, these parameters are analyzed and we have designed customized training programs for ensuring improvement in the poor performing cognitive parameters.

    This personalized training program will include activities like playing online brain games, brain entrainment beats, mental marathon for out of box thinking, Brain Stimulating workshops, over the duration of the course.

    During the learning process, our designed modules stimulate the brainwaves and improve the cognitive parameters and gradually the weak parameters start showing improvement.

  • Acquired report reflects the real brain condition of individuals. So we planned different type of activities to enhance the memory, accuracy, attention, and other cognitive parameters.

    1. BSW: Helps to think out of the box and work on different cognitive functionalities & sensory development of individuals
    2. BSG: Made personalized brain games training which works on different part of the brains to improve skills
    3. BSM: Helps to alter brainwave which improve their calmness, concentration, attention and other cognitive facilities
    4. Mental Marathon: Improve intelligence and IQ which helps overall development

    Also BSM can change the pattern of brainwaves and stimulate it with natural pattern.

  • There are various types of brain waves like Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta and each brainwave has a set frequency. The high and low performances of these brain waves indicate performance of various cognitive parameters and we display these cognitive parameters in our BNT report.

    Research shows that these brainwaves can be altered by specifically designed brain training programs. We have designed scientifically proven Brain Stimulating Workshops (BSW), Games, Brain Entrainment Beats, mental marathon activities for out of box thinking and many other activities which will help in improving the cognitive parameters.


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