Why is Cerbotech Genius important?

This program is designed to bring an improvement in all the Cognitive Skills and you will observe an improved performance in both academics and extracurricular activities.

This is because CerboTech Genius program will strengthen the brain neural network which plays a key role for all the cognitive functions.

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Activities under CerboTech Genius

Multi-Level Online brain games

10 to 12 min Games per day will -

1. Improve Time Management
2. Self Confidence
3. Recall Power
4. Response and Reaction time

Online Brain Entrainment Beats

8 different bands of Brain entrainment beats of various frequencies & This 30 minutes Bed Time activity is designed to ensure improvement in –

1. Deep Focus and Concentration
2. Working Memory
3. Stress Relief and reduced anxiety
4. Creativity
5. Critical Thinking

Mental Marathon Activity

These 5 to 7 minutes daily activities are specially designed for Intelligences -

1. Out of Box Thinking
2. Reaction Time
3. Language retention power
4. Memory Forming

Guided Meditation

This is done daily morning starting with 10 minutes and gradually increasing to 15 minutes for better productivity and time management

How does CerboTech Genius work to develop my child’s Intelligence?

We have developed all our programs after enough research in the field of subconscious mind and brainwave entrainment (technology about neurons in the brain).

To enhance the Concentration and focus of the child we use simple methods like -

  • Brain Entrainment Beats – These are combination of brain entrainment beats, natural sounds and Instrumental music to smoothen the brain wave forms and brings them to natural form hence improving the cognitive parameters. These beats are to be listened during guided meditation and while sleeping at night and will work towards strengthening the neural network resulting in improvement in concentration and focus, long term & short term memory and enhancing 5 out of 8 intelligences generating improvement in overall academic and extracurricular performance of the child.
  • Brain Games – A panel of 133 scientists was set to categorize and authenticate brain games. They defined norms for developing brain games. We have further researched and developed basis these norms and developed our own brain games for enhancing Cognitive Skill. The games in this module specifically focused to improves visualization, conceptualization, spatial judgment & reasoning due to which the Problem Solving Skills and Decision Making becomes better.
  • Mental Marathon Activity – Mental Marathon sharpens brain and improves the out of box thinking and cognitive abilities through various activities like puzzles, quizzes, riddles, Sherlock Homes games, brain teasers games and logical reasoning activities. Children enjoy these fun filled activities and also apply learnings in daily activities.
  • Eye Gym – This is a visual exercise for development of Occipital Lobes, which improves visual power, eye to brain coordination, visual spatial intelligence and speed reading.

Does this program deliver positive impact on good performing student also?

This program will initially focus on enhancing concentration by activating neurons and in the next stage the program will strengthen the neural connections resulting in sharper memory. This will result in better outcome at a lesser effort.

This program will also reduce the stress and anxiety of your child and will generate positive impact on the child’s performance irrespective of him / her being a slow, average or bright learner.

Benefits of CerboTech Genius

  • Improves Academic Performance by enhancing efficiency and outcome
  • Generates Winning abilities by combining brain efficiency and gross motor skill
  • Becomes quick learner through improved Grasping, Retention and Recall
  • Better Concentration and Focus
  • Improves Critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Strengthens the memory neural network
  • Enhances interest and hence improves learning ability
  • Better Multi-tasking abilities
  • Accuracy while performing tasks with reduced efforts

CerboTech Genius Learning Flow


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